Duo Vadana

The band:

  • Rich Laughlin - Cornet
  • Margarita Holzbauer - Viola da Gamba

Duo Vadana

Photo by Erika Fischer-Laughlin

"Vadana" is a Sanskrit word ( the world's oldest language) and means, simply "musician".

In 2009 Rich Laughlin and Margarita Holzbauer first began exploring the possibilities of Duo interaction as members of the” munich instant” collective-a larger conglomeration of improvisers in the new music arena. Characteristic of the initial collaborations were a mutual trust and an   unbridled curiosity seldom felt and heard.

The process of hearing determined the modus operandi for this unique Duo. Within a setting of total improvisation, that which is played is dictated primarily through that which is heard,resulting in a chain of ideas. Their linkage occurs in realtime. The novel juxtaposition of cornet and viola da gamba presupposes a traditional idiosyncrasy which is immediately and purposefully deconstructed as conventional values of sound are reshuffled. The ensuing landscape is defined on hand of ever-changing  overtonal relationships due to each instrumentalist’s unorthodox approach.