Melting Point

The band:

  • Rich Laughlin - Cornet
  • Bennie Maupin - Woodwinds
  • 48Nord - Electronics

Melting Point

A chance meeting with guitarist Ulrich Müller in the underground, multi-purpose halls of Munich’s Einstein Complex cemented a progressive musical relationship which resulted in shared concepts and projects with the sound constructionists 48Nord. Rich soon contacted his friend and (ex Herbie Hancock,Miles Davis) world class woodwind master Bennie Maupin to complete the electro-acoustic quartet Melting Point. The auspicious debut concert-recording took place September 2006 in the Byzantine inspired Allerheiligen Hof-Kirche in Munich.

Melting Point refers to the delicate balance of the written and improvised,fueled through the collision of the electric and the acoustic waves reaching for the rareified zenith where particles fuse and implode. Each instrumentalist could maintain his uniqueness while cross fading through each other’s overtone series thereby initiating spontaneous interplay.

2014 promises to be a watershed year as Melting Point prepares to re-welcome Bennie Maupin and revisit his 1974 ECM production of The Jewel in the Lotus. (40th anniversary!)