Old World - New World

“Old World - New World”

Musicians on the recording

Rich Laughlin New York Quintet:

  • Rich Laughlin (trumpet, flugelhorn)
  • Vincent Herring (alto,tenor saxophone)
  • Onaje Alan Gumbs (piano)
  • David Williams (bass)
  • Victor Lewis (drums)
  • Daniel Moreno (percussion on 4 and 6)                                   

Recording track list

  1. To wisdom the prize
  2. Blue mercer                                                       
  3. One finger snap                                                
  4. Old world                                                           
  5. Dream step
  6. New world
  7. Children of harlem
  8. I love you
  9. There will always be time for peace

Old World - New World: release info

soon to be released

Old World - New World